“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Let us add paperwork to that, Mr. Benjamin Franklin!

Since the evolution of the modern world, paperwork has kept pace with human progress. While necessary, it is not what most people enjoy doing. It can be tedious, expensive, and if it gets out of control or is delayed, cause significant grief.

Whether you need to get a birth certificate, request medical care,  get admission into college, apply for a job, file taxes, get insurance, seek legal assistance, travel, get married (or divorced), buy real estate, apply for a mortgage, or write a will; you need to do paperwork! Just like your breathing, paperwork is always there with you throughout your entire life.

And then, there is record safekeeping of your papers and documents. Keep all of it at home, it will take up space, collecting dust for years. Put it online and security becomes a concern. Hackers lurking abound to get access to this valuable data to con you. Keeping track of what was submitted for what, adds to the paperwork chaos.

To avoid any missteps, it is important to seek timely advice from qualified and reputed professionals. But the perception is that these services are extremely expensive and out of the reach of most people in this world.

Well, eForm.com is set to change that.

With eForm.com, all forms that you will ever need, will be in one place. Any legal advice at your fingertips anytime 24/7. Pay by minute, reducing the costs of top experts. Reuse your information, no more filling out the same information again and again, across multiple forms and documents, thus saving time and mental peace.

This is paperwork made easy, fast and cost effective: paperworkless utopia, if you will. 🙂