eForm Services Platform for eGovernance

Check out an example of how eForm is being used as a eGovernance platform simplifying citizen interaction with the government and improving service delivery.

An easy and intuitive process

eForm Services Platform helps your clients fulfill their documentation requirements digitally. To excel in this rapid-fire digital world, Service Providers work with eForm to get ahead. And stay ahead.


eForm Services Platform is a feature rich and secure services platform that lets you fulfill your documentation needs online. Register to unlock the full functionality of the eForm platform.

Existing User

If you are a new eForm.com member and you have an account, enter your email address, user name and password to log in. To reset your password, click the “Forgot Your Password” link.

New User

To create an account, click on the “Register” link on the login box at the top right corner of your application home screen. Accounts are created on a per-person basis. Include your country information to ensure that you are presented with content/suggestions based on your country.

All new accounts will receive a verification email from eForm Customer Care Team to  verify your email address.

Welcome to your own dashboard

Search a new Form / Application or carry on where you left off last. Existing applications are marked as “Draft“. All your previously filled information is saved for you to continue where you left off.

You can bookmark an application with a “Star” for a later use. Bookmarked application show up on your dashboard by default and do not need to be searched again 

Provide your feedback to allow us to improve upon the eForm Services Platform or for the service providers to improve the applications.

Select a Service provider

A single application is supported by multiple service providers. Review each service provider for Pricing, Location and Ratings and select one before you proceed to filling your application.

Payment is only required when you use any of the professional service offered by the  service provider. Filling application and completing your documentation with the help of eForm Services Platform inbuilt algorithms is completely free.

Compete your documentation

Once you have selected your Service Provider, you are presented with a Document Checklist specific to the application you are completing. This is a complete list of possible documents and forms. eForm Services Platform internally keeps track of the relevancy of this list and filters this list based on the information you provide in your form.

Fill forms and Upload your documents

Several form formats are supported by the eForm Services Platform. These include PDF forms, Image forms, HTML Forms, and Text forms. Each form is backed by powerful Machine Learning algorithms that help you complete your application every step of the way.

While completing your application, you may be required to upload documents or fill additional forms that are only required based on the information you have entered.


Documentation Review by a professional, Translations of your Forms and Documentation, Mailing and Courier are some of the services provided by the Service Providers that are supported by the eForm Services Platform. You have a choice to use these services when needed.



Engage service providers for professional services

While the eForm platform use is completely free but professional services provided by the service providers are not. Its useful sometimes to engage a professional over a quick chat or an audio/video call for help.

You are in control in terms of who you wish to engage with and review the Service Providers price list before you engage.


Download your completed application and share your reviews

Once you are done, a fresh set of neatly filled forms and documents can be downloaded from the platform itself or you may request these to be submitted directly to required office.

Mailing and Courier

You have a choice to have the document set mailed / couriered back to you or be submitted directly to the required office.


Help others in your situation and please don’t forget to share your reviews.