Your Paperwork Done Right

Automation with on-demand Professional support.






A rules based, intuitive & interactive application process.

On Your Own or With Professional Help


Your documentation done their way.

Its not just another form filling software.® works to meet the full documentation requirement for an application.


Empower yourself with your own data.

Yes, the form filling is also a part of the process. Powerful algorithms are always at work to suggest you the most appropriate suggestions.


A network of service providers.

Multiple Service Providers serve each application. You pick who you want based on Pricing, ratings and expertise.


A platform for professional services.

Every application is different and so is your situation. Common services required for each application are available for you to pick when you need them. 

An ever-growing list of Professional Services.

Collaborate on demand

Quality professionals vetted, hand-picked and rated by you are standing by 24/7.  Every application is supported by professionals available online. Ask them a question over the Chat, Share your screen or get over an Audio/Video call instantly to talk to them.

Reviews when not sure

Professional Reviews are available from experienced professionals. Once you have completed your application, send it over for a review and know if you have not missed out on some important details in your application.

Translate what you need

Professional Translation Services are available when required. When your documents need a translation, select a service provider that is providing this service and submit your documents online.

Mail it where its required

Mail or Courier your application directly to the required office or get your documents couriered back to you.


Manage mail when on vacation

Direct your letters to a Virtual Address provided by the Service Provider. Manage your mail from anywhere in the world. Based on your requirements, you may request your service provider to act as your designation or an agent.

Managing Your Paperwork Is Just That Easy.

Cut through the need to read lengthy rules. Your information determines what documents and forms you are required to submit. All your forms are neatly pre-filled with their supporting documents attached.   

"eForm makes it easy for me to complete my documents and applications in minutes instead of weeks! "

– Amy S.

"Documentation is complex, paperwork is often filled out incorrectly, resulting in delays and reworks. Simplification is an extremely difficult task and eForm has done it very well. "

– Michael Goodwin, Family Law