Loaded With Features

For You

Comprehensive automation of the applications means lower workload for you. Data accuracy is supported by powerful inbuilt algorithms.

For Service Providers

Get ahead of the digital curve. Bring your services online or join the growing list of service providers to support your existing applications. 

Top features for Clients

Everything you need for your documentation needs.

Fill Forms

Inbuilt support for Paper, PDF, Text, HTML  and Online forms. 

Select Your Service Provider

Multiple Service Providers per application. Select who you want to work with. 

Date Repository

Easy access to Data when you need it. Save it in eForm inbuilt repository or take it with you.

Document Repository

An inbuilt repository to keep your documents safe for reuse. 

User Data Network

Create a network of Friends and Family. Maintain their information for later reuse.

Submit Online

Submit your application online to the service provider for review and later submission to the required office. 

Real-time collaboration

Have a quick text chat or call a service provider over an Audio Video call.

Auto Fill

Inbuilt support for Paper, PDF, Text, HTML  and Online forms. 

Service Providers

Reach out to a global audience.


Pick your forms and applications that you wish to support. Add your own, publish them online to the marketplace.  

Pick your services

Select from an extensive set of services for each application. Pick what you are good at. 

Translation Templates

Create your own document templates for translations.

Data and Document Repository

Keep your information safe within eForm Platform for reuse.

Attend your customers

Support your customers online or review their applications offline. 

Grow your team

Add collaborators and employees to help you support your customer. 

Professional Support

Engage with experienced professionals for Form Creation, Workflow Configuration, Custom logic, or to propose a new product feature.

Join the community to keep your self updated with the latest news and events in your industry.