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Build Sales Pipeline

Build Sales Pipeline

Leave your business growth worries to us. All you need to do is focus on your service delivery. With eForm Services Platform, you join a worldwide network of professionals and organizations. Clients looking for services connect with the organizations, in real time, on demand creating a solid Sales Pipeline for you.  

Support Customers Online

Receive and reply to service requests from customers instantly and provide a top-quality customer support experience on one consolidated platform. Setup your online office with an ability to cater to multiple service requests.

Sales Statistics Overview
Sales Statistics Overview

View Sales Statistics

An up-to-date statistics about your Sales Transactions, Revenue generation, your Global Footprint, Visitor Map and a Real-time Traffic statistics guide you towards your target audience.

Watch your always current Billing History and Earning details to understand your revenues.

eForm Services Platform for organizations

eForm Service Providers are carefully selected to ensure customer satisfaction, commitment to data security and high professional ethics.

Customer Data Security

eForm Services Platform is a customer-centric application where customer data belongs to the customer. Your  commitment to Protecting customers‘ data is our primary concern.

Ability to Grow

eForm Platform creates a instant Sales Pipeline. You must be able to plan ahead, recruit if needed to ensure a quick turnaround of the leads and service requests.

Ability to Deliver

With eForm, requests for services often exceed the supply of available time and resources. Your ability to timely Service Requests is a key factor to determine your eligibility to become a eForm Services provider.


Just know that you may need a new infrastructure to handle your sales pipeline. Advance planning and your management skills play a key role in determining your success.

Domain Expertise

You must be an authority in a your area or topic with knowledge and understanding of the essential aspects of your domain.

Industry Experience

 Each customer’s situation and requirements are different. Your real-world experience is essential to be able to meet with and resolve the concerns to customer’s satisfaction.

Customer experience

eForm Services Platform is an enabler that helps with introductions. Your customers are for you to keep by ensuring a great experience for a customer. 

Join the Marketplace

eForm Services Platform is cross domain marketplace. A higher customer rating and competitive pricing plays a key role in your success as a eForm Services Provider. 

Remote and International client

eForm Services Platform is a 24/7, globally deployed and available platform. You can expect service requests from across the world anytime during the day.

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