Frequently Asked Question

A Services Marketplace

What is

eForm is a global services marketplace, helping you get work  done instantaneously, while saving costs. You can do it yourselves, and get guidance from professionals when you need it. Save all your work in one place and reuse your information across different services such as Legal, Taxes, Travel etc.


What kind of services can I get?

Many kinds to get your life’s most important work done! We have a wide range of reliable services providers who are experts in legal, tax, translations, immigration, technology, finance travel etc. Our order requirements vary with what the service providers specify. If you have a service provider you’d like to see added to our network, email us at

Do you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

Yes. If you’re ever not 100% satisfied, we’ll make it right. You always have the option to rate the service you received via our feedback and ratings forms

How much does each service cost?

Service fees are set by the service providers. You’ll always see the breakdown of the service providers’ charges: consultation, delivery, translation, tax etc. Nothing is hidden.

Is eForm’s ordering process secure?

Yes. You can place orders with confidence, since we use 128-bit SSL encryption and secure hosting facilities for all sensitive data. Please see our Privacy Policy for more.

What is your privacy policy?

You control how we share your information. Please see our  Privacy Policy for more.

Are the documents delivered? Can I pick them up?

Yes and yes. All documents can be delivered to you or printed by you. There may be a fee charged for the delivery services.  If you prefer to pick up the documents yourself, simply set your delivery as a self pick up.

What should I expect in a virtual consult?

At your convenience, you can do a video, voice, or text chat on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. When you initiate your consult, you’ll be connected with a service provider on the line within a few minutes. Most consults are about 15 minutes long, but can last as long as 30 minutes. Service providers can provide guidance that is directly related to your work/forms

How do I pay?

Right before you start your live consult or schedule an appointment online, you’ll be prompted to enter in your payment information in a secure environment. We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and PayPal. There are no hidden fees and no strings attached.