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Welcome to the eForm Services Platform®

A product built with a spirit of integrity and partnership with our staff, and more importantly, our clients. eForm.com® is an online application processing and services platform. Its mainly used for the preparation of paperwork required in completing an application. It a self-service platform for the applicants and facilitates online professional support, if required. For the consulting industry, it enables the ability to acquire and serve customers globally.

eForm.com simplifies and automates the application process by reducing repetitive tasks like data and document collection. It reapplies your information, once collected, in subsequent applications and across domains. With its built-in artificial intelligence (AI), the ability to horizontally integrate across domains, omnichannel collaboration, configurable workflows, advanced rule engine, intelligent data classification, and a superior transformation engine, eForm not only reduces the cost of doing business for the service providers but also enhances customer experience to truly transform the customer engagement process.

Innovation has always fueled and nurtured growth in our company. It is as important now, as it was at any time in our history. From advanced data modeling to complex data structures, artificial intelligence to machine learning, revolutionary data analysis to tomorrow’s brightest technology, new ways to automation are transforming our lives and helping us to thrive.

Vladimir Caron

We want to enable our customers to maximize the value of their time. The existing processes and time-consuming procedures are not acceptable to us. A better approach is to use optimized special purpose processes to unlock the insights from data that work best for our customers. eForm Services Platform provides us a new path to create and built solutions for current and future industries. 

– vladamir Caron